Simplifying & Mobilizing SAP
How Lubrizol increased SAP CRM adoption

Featuring insights from Dan Himmelman, Director of SAP CRM, Lubrizol Corporation

Lubrizol Corporation, a global specialty chemicals company with more than 9,000 employees across three business segments saw a significant decrease in adoption rates of SAP CRM as employees and users demand more modern user experiences from their business applications.

In this webinar, Dan Himmelman from Lubrizol Corporation shares the challenges around extracting value from a CRM and how he worked with business leaders to help drive change and adoption of SAP.

Here's what you'll learn

What were the user experience, remote access and adoption challenges Lubrizol faced

How partnering with business enabled Lubrizol to deliver on true value to the business

The solutions Lubrizol leveraged to simplify and mobilize SAP within weeks

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